June 6, 2024. Emma McDonnell Passes PhD Defense!

June 5, 2024. Venkatesh Successfully Defends his PhD Dissertation!

June 3, 2024. Prototyping Interactive Systems with AI Gameplay Showcase

May 16, 2024. Makeability Lab at CHI2024 in Hawaii

May 10, 2024. Chu Li on Gears of Progress Podcast

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Project Sidewalk

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Sidewalk Equity

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Kinergy Video Preview

RASSAR: Room Accessibility and Safety Scanning in Augmented Reality

"I never realized sidewalks were a big deal": Project Sidewalk as Community Science

Recent Talks

Project Sidewalk: Crowd+AI Techniques to Map & Assess the World's Sidewalks

Feb. 29, 2024 | NSF Smart and Connected Communities Panel on “Pathways to Transitioning Project Outcomes"

Nashville, Tennessee

At the Intersection of Disability Justice, Pedestrian Safety, and Health

Jan. 7, 2024 | 103rd Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting

Washington DC


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