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Jun Wang and Liam Gene Ping Chu, who have been working under the mentorship of Jaewook Lee, presented the GazePointAR project at the annual UW undergrad research symposium. Huge congrats to their successful work and presentation!

On May 14th, 2023, Xia Su visited the User Interface Research Group at University of Tokyo. He introduced the Makeability Lab, as well as Project Sidewalk and RASSAR, to Professor Takeo Igarashi and the lab members of the User Interface Research Group. 

Chu and Xia just had a wonderful ski day with the great Allen School Community!

MLab members Jae, Xia, Andrew, Arvind, Davin and Jun just had a fun trip to T-mobile's Tech Experience Center! Here are some pictures: (This guy is not caged into this glass box)

Daniel Campos Zamora ran a design workshop for the HuskyADAPT design teams! HuskyADAPT (Accessible Design And Play Technology) forms student teams collaborating with community co-designers who have disabilities, and work together for quarters to brainstorm a solution and then prototype a design.  Thank you Daniel for your contribution to the accessibility community! And congrats to the successful workshop!



2020 – 2022


2022 – Present


A Demonstration of RASSAR: Room Accessibility and Safety Scanning in Augmented Reality

Xia Su, Kaiming Cheng, Han Zhang, Jaewook Lee, Wyatt Olson, Jon E. Froehlich

Extended Abstract Proceedings of ASSETS 2023 To Appear | Acceptance Rate: 51.9% (40 / 77)

Kinergy: Creating 3D Printable Motion using Embedded Kinetic Energy

Liang He, Xia Su, Huaishu Peng, Jeffrey I. Lipton, Jon E. Froehlich

Proceedings of UIST 2022 | Acceptance Rate: 26.3% (98 / 372)

Towards Semi-automatic Detection and Localization of Indoor Accessibility Issues using Mobile Depth Scanning and Computer Vision

Xia Su, Kaiming Cheng, Han Zhang, Jaewook Lee, Yueqian Zhang, Jon E. Froehlich

UrbanAccess 2022