Project Description

We present Kinergy—an interactive design tool for creating self propelled motion by harnessing the energy stored in 3D printable springs. To produce controllable output motions, we introduce 3D printable kinetic units, a set of parameterizable designs that encapsulate 3D printable springs, compliant locks, and transmission mechanisms for three non-periodic motions—instant translation, instant rotation, continuous translation—and four periodic motions— continuous rotation, reciprocation, oscillation, intermittent rotation. Kinergy allows the user to create motion-enabled 3D models by embedding kinetic units, customize output motion characteristics by parameterizing embedded springs and kinematic elements, control energy by operating the specialized lock, and preview the resulting motion in an interactive environment. We demonstrate the potential of our techniques via example applications from spring loaded cars to kinetic sculptures and close with a discussion of key challenges such as geometric constraints.


Kinergy: Creating 3D Printable Motion using Embedded Kinetic Energy

Liang He, Xia Su, Huaishu Peng, Jeffrey I. Lipton, Jon E. Froehlich

Proceedings of UIST 2022 | Acceptance Rate: 26.3% (98 / 372)

Fabricating Kinetic Objects with 3D Printable Spring-Based Mechanisms for Interactivity

Liang He

UW CS PhD Dissertation