Feb. 1, 2022. ASSETS'22 Website Live!

Dec. 13, 2021. Spatial Data Science Symposium: Future of Global-Scale Data Collection and Analysis on Urban (in)Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Oct. 29, 2021. Café Meetup on Portage Bay

Oct. 14, 2021. CSCW'21 Honorable Mention and Diversity and Inclusion Award

Sept. 29, 2021. Makeability Lab Welcomes Four New Members

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Experimental Crowd+AI Approaches to Track Accessibility Features in Sidewalk Intersections Over Time

Sidewalk Gallery: An Interactive, Filterable Image Gallery of Sidewalk Accessibility Problems

Toward Sound Recognizer Personalization with d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users

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Sound Sensing and Feedback Techniques for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users

March 12, 2021 | Carnegie Mellon University, HCII Lecture


Dhruv Jain