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We were excited that our paper entitled "Ondulé: Designing and Controlling 3D Printable Springs" was accepted for publication at UIST'19. This work was led by UW CSE PhD student Liang He, and co-authored by Huaishu Peng (UMD CS), Michelle Lin (UW CSE Undergrad), Ravikanth Konjet (Microsoft), François Guimbretière (Cornell), and Jon Froehlich.

PhD student Liang He's t-shirt design was selected for the ACM CHI student volunteers (SV). This is the second time that Liang has won the CHI t-shirt design contest (the first time was at CHI'14). CHI is the premier conference in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, which will be in Glasgow, UK this year. Liang's t-shirt design is based on a Unicorn, Scotland's national animal (front), and a map of Glasgow (back). Congratulations Liang!

Excited to announce that FabGalaxy, a new online interactive visualization tool for searching fabrication research in HCI and Graphics, is live under Personal Fabrication Research in HCI and Graphics: An Overview of Related Work. Thank you to the support from HCI Engineering Group, MIT CSAIL, which is led by Prof. Stefanie Mueller.

Liang He will present his research projects on fabrication at ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication and attend the first SIGCHI Summer School Computational Fabrication and Smart Matter. He will share his previous work and recent research with computational fabrication community. He will be granted ACM SIGCHI Travel Fund for attending the summer school.

We are excited to announce that Project SqueezaPulse has been conditionally accepted to TEI 2017 Papers.



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HulaMove: Using Commodity IMU for Waist Interaction

Xuhai Xu, Jiahao Li, Tianyi Yuan, Liang He, Yunkang Yan, Xin Liu, Yuntao Wang, Yuanchun Shi, Jennifer Mankoff, Anind K. Dey

CHI 2021 | Acceptance Rate: 26.3% (749 / 2844)

Designing, Controlling, and Fabricating In-Place Augmented Structures.

Liang He

Extended Abstract UIST 2020

PneuFetch: Supporting Blind and Visually Impaired People to Fetch Nearby Objects via Light Haptic Cues

Liang He, Ruolin Wang, Xuhai Xu

Extended Abstract CHI 2020 | Acceptance Rate: 41.8% (323 / 772)

Ondulé: Designing and Controlling 3D Printable Springs

Liang He, Huaishu Peng, Michelle Lin, Ravi Konjeti, François Guimbretière, Jon E. Froehlich

Proceedings of UIST 2019 | Acceptance Rate: 24.4% (93 / 381)

A Multi-Modal Approach for Blind and Visually Impaired Developers to Edit Webpage Designs

Venkatesh Potluri, Liang He, Christine Chen, Jon E. Froehlich, Jennifer Mankoff

Extended Abstract ASSETS 2019 | Acceptance Rate: 58.8% (57 / 97)

TacTILE: A Preliminary Toolchain for Creating Accessible Graphics with 3D-Printed Overlays and Auditory Annotations

Liang He, Zijian Wan, Leah Findlater, Jon E. Froehlich

Extended Abstract Proceedings of ASSETS 2017

Designing 3D-Printed Deformation Behaviors Using Spring-Based Structures: An Initial Investigation

Liang He, Huaishu Peng, Joshua Land, Mark Fuge, Jon E. Froehlich

Extended Abstract Proceedings of UIST 2017

Early Explorations of Deformable Interactive Designs with 3D-Printed Springs

Liang He, Joshua Land, Huaishu Peng, Mark Fuge, Jon E. Froehlich

Extended Abstract SCF 2017

MakerWear: A Tangible Approach to Interactive Wearable Creation for Children

Majeed Kazemitabaar, Jason McPeak, Alex Jiao, Liang He, Thomas Outing, Jon E. Froehlich

Proceedings of CHI 2017 | Best Paper Award

SqueezaPulse: Adding Interactive Input to Fabricated Objects Using Corrugated Tubes and Air Pulses

Liang He, Gierad Laput, Eric Brockmeyer, Jon E. Froehlich

Proceedings of TEI'17

ReWear: Early Explorations of a Modular Wearable Construction Kit for Young Children

Majeed Kazemitabaar, Liang He, Katie Wang, Chloe Aloimonos, Tony Cheng, Jon E. Froehlich

Extended Abstracts of CHI 2016 | Best Paper Award


Ondulé: Designing and Controlling 3D Printable Springs

Oct. 22, 2019 | UIST 2019 Technical Paper Talk

New Orleans

Liang He

Tech+Design: Interaction Design for a Purpose

Nov. 3, 2016 | Technica: Tech+X Talk Series

University of Maryland, College Park

Soheil Behnezhad, Liang He, Majeed Kazemitabaar, Manaswi Saha