Barbara Moreno Makes Interactive Visualization of Project Sidewalk Data

Jon E. Froehlich Sep 10, 2019

GIS enthusiast and map maker, Barbara Moreno, created an interactive visualization of Project Sidewalk data collected in Washington DC. Check out the news story and interactive tool here. [read more]

Project Sidewalk Featured as 'Tweet of the Week' in UW Today

Jon E. Froehlich Sep 06, 2019

Project Sidewalk was featured as the 'Tweet of the Week' in the UW Today email. Here's the tweet. [read more]

Makeability Lab Summer 2019 Retreat!

Jon E. Froehlich Aug 19, 2019

Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, potluck picnicking, games, & fun. The Summer 2019 Makeability Lab retreat was a great success. As the summer ends, also an opportunity to thank and say goodbye to our wonderful high school and ugrad interns. [read more]

Manaswi Saha Accepted into ASSETS'19 Doctoral Consortium

Jon E. Froehlich Aug 09, 2019

Makeability Lab PhD student, Manaswi Saha, has been accepted into the ASSETS'19 Doctoral Consortium where she will present and receive feedback on her doctoral work entitled "Interactive Tools for Assessing and Understanding Urban Accessibility At Scale". Congratulations Manaswi! [read more]

Project Sidewalk Featured in Seattle Met Magazine

Jon E. Froehlich Aug 01, 2019

Project Sidewalk featured in the August issue of the Seattle Met in an article entitled "Can Project Sidewalk Use Crowdsourcing to Help Seattleites Get Around?". The article describes Project Sidewalk and includes perspectives from pedestrian activist Douglas MacDonald (a former WA State Transportation Secretary) and Ross McFarland, the SDOT Sidewalk Repair Program Manager. [read more]

One Paper Accepted to UIST 2019

Liang He Jul 10, 2019

We were excited that our paper entitled "Ondulé: Designing and Controlling 3D Printable Springs" submitted to UIST'19 was accepted for publication. This work was led by UW CSE PhD student Liang He, and co-authored by Huaishu Peng (UMD CS), Michelle Lin (UW CSE Undergrad), Ravikanth Konjet (Microsoft), François Guimbretière (Cornell), and Jon Froehlich. [read more]

Amazon Catalyst Award for Interactive Tools for Urban Accessibility

Jon E. Froehlich Jul 09, 2019

We received an Amazon Catalyst award to fund Manaswi Saha's dissertation research on “Combining Computational and Visualization Techniques to Understand Urban Accessibility at Scale.” Congrats Manaswi! [read more]

Two Papers Accepted to ASSETS'19

Jon E. Froehlich Jun 28, 2019

We were honored that both of our papers submitted to ASSETS'19 were accepted for publication:

  • Autoethnography of a Hard of Hearing Traveler led by UW CSE PhD student, Dhruv Jain, and co-authored by Jain, Audrey Desjardins (School of Art + Art History + Design), Leah Findlater (HCDE), and Jon Froehlich
  • Deep Learning for Automatically Detecting Sidewalk Accessibility Problems Using Streetscape Imagery led by UW CSE PhD students, Galen Weld and Esther Jang, and co-authored by Weld, Jang, Anthony Li (UMD ugrad), Aileen Zeng (UW CSE ugrad), Kurtis Heimerl (UW CSE prof), and Jon Froehlich.

Congrats also to Manaswi Saha for having her first-authored paper from her MSR internship accepted as well. [read more]

Aileen Awarded National SWE Scholarship

Jon E. Froehlich Jun 11, 2019

In recognition of her scholastic achievements, service, and research, Aileen Zeng was just awarded the highly competitive Motorola Solutions Foundation Engineering Scholarship from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

Congratulations Aileen!! [read more]

High School Interns Earn Direct Admission Into Allen School

Jon E. Froehlich Jun 01, 2019

Congrats to Summer 2018 interns Johnson Kuang and Shiven Bhatt from Inglemoor High School and Redmond High School, respectively, for earning direct admission into the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington.

Last year, Johnson worked on developing this Makeability Lab website while Shiven worked on Project Sidewalk. We are incredibly fortunate to have both Johnson and Shiven back in the Makeability Lab this year. Johnson is working on the AccessVis team while Shiven is working on Urban Accessibility Evolution [read more]