Project Sidewalk in UW Daily

Jon E. Froehlich Apr 30, 2020

Anh Nguyen of the UW Daily wrote an article about Project Sidewalk and using "big data for pedestrian accessibility." The article features PhD student Manaswi Saha. Check it out here.

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Dhruv Jain's Autoethnography Research in UW Daily

Jon E. Froehlich Apr 16, 2020

Dhruv Jain's Deaf Travel Autoethnography was covered by the UW Daily. Read the article here.

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Professor Matt Mauriello!

Jon E. Froehlich Apr 07, 2020

Makeability Lab PhD alumnus and current Stanford post-doc, Matt Mauriello, will be joining the University of Delaware as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer & Information Sciences. Congrats Matt!

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UW Reality Lab Funding for Moving Beyond Speech Transcription in AR

Jon E. Froehlich Apr 03, 2020

We are excited to receive UW Reality Lab funding to support our research proposal entitled Moving Beyond Speech Transcription: Designing New Sound Feedback Visualizations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users. This proposal was led by PhD student Dhruv Jain with co-PIs Froehlich and Findlater.

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Liang He Awarded GPSS Travel Grant to Attend CHI!

Jon E. Froehlich Mar 03, 2020

Liang He has been awarded a UW GPSS Travel Grant to attend CHI where he will present PneuFetch. Congrats Liang!

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Project Sidewalk Columbus, OH Deployment in the News

Jon E. Froehlich Feb 07, 2020

The Columbus, OH deployment of Project Sidewalk was just covered by the local ABC news station. The 2.5 minute segment (view it here) featured Dean Allemang, one of the lead volunteers of the Project Sidewalk Columbus deployment.

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Makeability Lab Video Game Night!

Jon E. Froehlich Jan 31, 2020

The Makeability Lab had its first ever "Video Game Night" (organized by ugrad extraordinaire, Aileen Zeng). We played Overcooked on the Switch, accessible air hockey, and ate pizza/snacks.

A picture from the Makeability Lab game night showing two rows of people (ugrad, MS, and PhD members of the lab) with the Overcooked Switch game in the background (projected on a screen)


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Project Tokyo: Using AI to Help Blind People Identify Faces

Jon E. Froehlich Jan 28, 2020

While a PhD student in the Makeability Lab, Lee Stearns interned at Microsoft Research, Cambridge in the UK and worked on an early version of Project Tokyo, which was just announced publicly. According to Microsoft, "Project Tokyo aims to understand how to create a visual agent technology that is useful and usable in the real world by focusing on how AI technology can help to augment people’s own capabilities." Read the full news article here. Congrats Lee!

Lee graduated with his PhD from the University of Maryland, College Park in Dec 2018 (news link) and is now at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

Picture from


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Happy Chinese New Year!

Jon E. Froehlich Jan 27, 2020

Some Makeability Lab members celebrated the Chinese New Year at Din Tai Fung. Yum!

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