PrototypAR Accepted Into IDC'19

Jon E. Froehlich Mar 12, 2019

Our paper on PrototypAR, an interactive tangible prototyping system that allows children to rapidly build, test, and iterate on their designs using augmented reality (AR) was accepted to the 2019 ACM Interaction Design and Children (IDC) conference. PrototypAR combines lo-fidelity prototyping to facilitate iterative design, real-time AR feedback to scaffold learning, and a virtual simulation environment to support personalized experiments. This is a large, collaborative project led by UMD PhD student Seokbin Kang along with Leyla Norooz, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Virginia Byrne, and Tammy Clegg! See you in Boise, Idaho in June! [read more]

Ather Sharif featured in "CAREERS and the disABLED" magazine

Jon E. Froehlich Mar 05, 2019

PhD student Ather Sharif is featured in the Winter edition of “CAREERS and the disABLED” magazine. The piece was written just as Ather joined UW and describes his work at Comcast, the importance of open-source development, and background on his education, interests, and disability. Ather currently works with Professors Katharina Reinecke, Jon Froehlich, and Jacob Wobbrock. [read more]

Venkatesh receives Google Lime Scholarship

Jon E. Froehlich Mar 01, 2019

Congrats to Venkatesh Potluri for receiving the 2019-2020 Google Lime Scholarship. Venkatesh is the third Makeability Lab member to receive this prestigious award--Dhruv Jain and Ather Sharif are past recipients. Venkatesh is co-advised by Jen Mankoff and Jon Froehlich. [read more]

Graduation! Congrats Drs. Stearns and Mauriello!

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 19, 2018

Congratulations to newly minted PhDs Matt Mauriello, now a post-doc at Stanford, and Lee Stearns, now at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. It was an honor to celebrate with Lee and his family and participate in the hooding ceremony at graduation (we celebrated with Matt in spirit as he was unable to travel). I was also honored to hood Meethu Malu, on behalf of Professor Leah Findlater (who was also unable to travel). Working with students is *the* best part of my job. It was wonderful to celebrate their successes last night. [read more]

Seokbin Kang Passes his PhD Preliminary Exam

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 19, 2018

Congratulations to Seokbin Kang who successfully defended his PhD proposal on "Augmented Reality Systems to Engage Children in Everyday STEM Experiences." Thank you to Professors Tammy Clegg and David Jacobs for serving on the committee and providing thoughtful feedback. [read more]

Five Papers Conditionally Accepted to CHI'19!

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 10, 2018

The Makeability Lab had five papers conditionally accepted to CHI'19. We'll see you in Glasgow! Stay tuned for more information. Hoping to post pre-prints in January! [read more]

Venkatesh and Dhruv win Security TGIF

Jon E. Froehlich Nov 09, 2018

At TGIF today, the security students hosted with the theme "Would you rather..." Attendees could brainstorm and submit questions that had a "would you rather..." scenario with two choices. The most popular submission was given an award. Makeability Lab students Dhruv Jain and Venkatesh Potluri submitted: "Would you rather have a camera look at you or a microphone listen to you all the time?" This ended up being a very provocative question with the TGIF attendees having mixed opinions. [read more]

AR captioning wins the People's Choice Award in Allen School Annual Research Day

Dhruv Jain Nov 02, 2018

We're proud to announce that UW PhD Student and Makeability Lab Member Dhruv Jain's poster titled "Exploring Augmented Reality Approaches to Real-Time Captioning: An Autoethnographic Study" won the people's choice award in UW Allen School Annual Research Day yesterday! This is part of our larger research agenda on AR Captions Dhruv shares this award with HCDE student Bonnie Chinh, HCDE professor Leah Findlater, Gallaudet University Professor Raja Kushalnagar and CSE professor Jon Froehlich. Read the GeekWire new story here. [read more]

Makeability Lab goes to Ireland for ASSETS!

Dhruv Jain Oct 29, 2018

We had a strong representation at ASSETS 2018 in Galway, Ireland- we presented three posters and two full papers. In pictures, see Dhruv Jain presenting his paper on Augmented Reality Captioning in Mobile Context, Lee Stearns presenting "Design of an Augmented Reality Magnification Aid for Low Vision Users" and Jon Froehlich with his poster "How does Urban Accessibility Change over Time" [read more]

DUB Retreat 2018

Jon E. Froehlich Oct 20, 2018

Manaswi co-organized the PhD workshop at the DUB Retreat this year and Jon co-organized the retreat itself. Read Amy Ko's writeup about the event here with links to slides. DUB is our grassroots, cross-campus alliance of students, faculty, and industry partners interested in HCI and Design at UW. The DUB Retreat has become an annual event aimed at bringing us together to reflect on our community, share fresh ideas, and hang out. Last year, we had over 150 attendees. This year RSVPs were at 180+. [read more]