Graduation Gift for Kotaro

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 22, 2016

The Makeability Lab came together to collectively design and make a custom, laser-cut plaque for Kotaro in Japanese and English for a graduation gift. Congrats Dr. Hara! Special thanks to [read more]

Congrats Dr. Kotaro Hara and Ladan Najafizadeh, MS

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 21, 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Kotaro Hara and Ladan Najafizadeh for graduating with their PhD and MS degrees respectively. It was a tremendous honor to hood Kotaro as my first student and a pleasure to watch...

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Congratulations to Matt Mauriello for Passing his PhD Proposal

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 16, 2016

Congratulations to Matt Mauriello for passing his PhD proposal on mixed-initiative methods to scale thermographic energy auditing in space and time. Matt has much to celebrate this semester with getti...

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Five Papers Accepted to CHI2017

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 12, 2016

The Makeability Lab had five papers accepted to CHI2017! We'll see you in Denver in May!

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Matt Mauriello Selected for Future Faculty Program

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 09, 2016

Congratulations to Matt Mauriello who was just selected for the prestigious Clark School's Future Faculty Program--a program dedicated to ...

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Congrats Ladan Najafizadeh for Passing Her MS Thesis Defense!

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 02, 2016

Congrats to Ladan Najafizadeh for passing her MS defense entitled "Temporal Tracking Urban Areas Using Google Street View." The abstract...

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Congratulations to Ladan Najafizadeh for Passing her MS Thesis Defense!

Jon E. Froehlich Dec 02, 2016

Congratulations to Ladan Najafixadeh for passing her MS thesis defense today on 'Temporal Tracking Urban Areas using Google Street View.' This work extends P...

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Congratulations to Lee Stearns for Passing His PhD Proposal Today

Jon E. Froehlich Nov 17, 2016

Congratulations to CS PhD student Lee Stearns for passing his PhD proposal today entitled "HandSight: A Touch-Based Wearable System to Increase Information Accessibility for People with Visual Impairm...

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Project Sidewalk featured in the local news!

Manaswi Saha Nov 17, 2016

Project Sidewalk was covered by a DC TV station, WUSA9. Check out the [read more]

HandSight Featured in PC Magazine

Lee Stearns Nov 14, 2016

The HandSight project was recently featured in PC Magazine. The article described our work in using a finger-mounted camera to read printed text.

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