HomeSound Wins People's Choice Award

Jon E. Froehlich Nov 20, 2019

HomeSound won the People's Choice Award and the Madrona Prize Runner-Up at the Allen School Annual Research Showcase. GeekWire has a nice write-up about the event and awards. Congrats team! [read more]

Deep Learning for Sidewalk Accessibility Awarded 'Best Student Paper' at ASSETS'19

Jon E. Froehlich Oct 29, 2019

Our ASSETS'19 paper "Deep Learning for Automatically Detecting Sidewalk Accessibility Problems Using Streetscape Imagery" was just recognized with the 'Best Student Paper Award'--given to only one of the 158 submissions Congrats team! [read more]

Venkatesh Presents UITalk Poster

Jon E. Froehlich Oct 29, 2019

Venkatesh presents our poster on UITalk to ASSETS'19 attendees. UITalk introduces a new multi-modal and accessible approach for blind or low-vision designers to edit visual layouts of webpages while maintaining visual aesthetics [read more]

Two ASSETS'19 Papers Nominated for Best Paper

Jon E. Froehlich Oct 28, 2019

Both of our ASSETS'19 papers were nominated for 'Best Paper' at ASSETS'19: Weld, G., Jang, E., Li, A., Zeng, A., Heimerl, K., Froehlich, J. E. (2019). Deep Learning for Automatically Detecting Sidewalk Accessibility Problems Using Streetscape Imagery. Proceedings of ASSETS 2019. Jain, D., Desjardins, A., Findlater, L., Froehlich, J. E. (2019). Autoethnography of a Hard of Hearing Traveler. Proceedings of ASSETS 2019. Congrats to all authors! [read more]

Aileen Zeng Presents Project Sidewalk at National MS Society Luncheon

Jon E. Froehlich Oct 23, 2019

Aileen Zeng, our extraordinary undergrad researcher, presented Project Sidewalk to the National MS Society during their 'On the Move' luncheon in Seattle. Thanks to the MS Society for the invitation and great event. [read more]

Liang He Gives UIST'19 Talk on Ondulé

Jon E. Froehlich Oct 22, 2019

Liang He gave a fantastic talk on "Ondulé: Designing and Controlling 3D Printable Springs" at UIST'19, the top technical conference in HCI. Liang was also the web co-chair for the UIST'19 website. Thanks Liang for all your hard work! [read more]

Makeability Labbers at Grace Hopper

Jon E. Froehlich Oct 03, 2019

Makeability Labbers Aileen Zeng and Manaswi Saha attended the Grace Hopper Conference--the largest gathering of women technologists in the world. [read more]

Manaswi Keynote Speaker at WSRO Conference

Manaswi Saha Sep 30, 2019

Makeability Lab member Manaswi Saha was an invited keynote speaker to the Washingtion State Ridesharing Organization (WSRO) conference. She gave a talk on Project Sidewalk entitled Project Sidewalk: Mapping the accessibility of the physical world at scale using interactive computational tools. Congrats Manaswi and thanks for representing the Project Sidewalk team. [read more]

ML Collaborator Galen Weld Summits 100 Highest Mounts in Washington

Jon E. Froehlich Sep 22, 2019

Around noon on Saturday Sept 22, Makeability Lab collaborator and UW CSE PhD student, Galen Weld, became the 76th person to summit the 100 highest mountains in Washington and the youngest person to do so! Congrats Galen! Above, a picture of Galen on top of Buck Mountain in the Glacier Peak Wilderness--the final mountain in the list. [read more]

Barbara Moreno Makes Interactive Visualization of Project Sidewalk Data

Jon E. Froehlich Sep 10, 2019

GIS enthusiast and map maker, Barbara Moreno, created an interactive visualization of Project Sidewalk data collected in Washington DC. Check out the news story and interactive tool here. [read more]