PrototypAR is Now On the NSF Video Showcase

Jon E. Froehlich May 13, 2019

Today, our video on PrototypAR entitled "PrototypAR: Learning through AR Design and Experimentation" just launched on the NSF video showcase. Please check it out and explore the site for more inspirational "Innovations in STEM Education" videos. [read more]

Liang Wins the T-Shirt Design Contest for CHI 2019

Liang He May 03, 2019

PhD student Liang He's t-shirt design was selected for the ACM CHI student volunteers (SV). This is the second time that Liang has won the CHI t-shirt design contest (the first time was at CHI'14). CHI is the premier conference in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, which will be in Glasgow, UK this year. Liang's t-shirt design is based on a Unicorn, Scotland's national animal (front), and a map of Glasgow (back). Congratulations Liang! [read more]

Project Sidewalk in the Local News!

Manaswi Saha Apr 30, 2019

With the recent Seattle and Newberg launch of Project Sidewalk, we have been getting a lot of media attention. Here are a few articles so far (many more to come!): Newberg streets second in nation to be studied with new accessibility metric (The Newberg Graphic, April 2019) Seattle's got terrible sidewalks. You can help fix them. (Crosscut, April 2019) [read more]

Ather Sharif Gives Invited Keynote Address

Jon E. Froehlich Apr 25, 2019

Makeability Lab member Ather Sharif gives the Keynote Address at the 2019 Evergreen International Conference in Pennsylvania (link). The Evergreen Project develops an open source ILS (integrated library system) used by more than 2,000 libraries around the world. They recognized Ather for his work to improve web accessibility through his startup EvoXLabs. [read more]

UW News Covers Project Sidewalk

Jon E. Froehlich Apr 18, 2019

In recognition of our Best Paper Award at CHI'19 and to help highlight our new deployments in Seattle, WA and Newberg, OR, Project Sidewalk was featured on the College of Engineering webpage and UW News. [read more]

Aileen Zeng Presents at Women's Research Day

Jon E. Froehlich Apr 17, 2019

Our rock star ugrad researcher, Aileen Zeng, presented a poster on our successful Washington DC deployment of Project Sidewalk at the Allen School's Women’s Research Day. It's exciting times for crowdsourcing sidewalk accessibility, we just deployed into two more cities--both in the Pacific Northwest: Newberg, OR and Seattle, WA. [read more]

High Schoolers Visit the Makeability Lab

Jon E. Froehlich Mar 26, 2019

The Makeability Lab and the UbiComp Lab hosted students from Northwest High School. The high school students were all taking an Internet of Things (IoT course), which focuses not just on building IoT technology but the societal implications. For example, students are asked to consider: How can this technology help us achieve a more just and equitable world? How will we be able to ensure that these devices improve our quality of life without imprisoning us? What ethics or code of conduct should guide the IoT? Venkatesh spoke about his research supporting blind programmers, Manaswi spoke about Project Sidewalk and urban accessibility visualizations, and Dhruv spoke about his work on sound awareness tools for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. [read more]

Augmented Reality STEM Projects Funded by UW Reality Lab

Jon E. Froehlich Mar 19, 2019

The UW Reality Lab just announced that they are funding our work in augmented reality (AR) and STEM for elementary school learners. Our most recent project in this area, PrototypAR, was just accepted to IDC'19: Kang, S., Norooz, L., Bonsignore, E., Byrne, V., Clegg, T. L., Froehlich, J. E. (2019). PrototypAR: Prototyping and Simulating Complex Systems With Paper Craft and Augmented Reality Proceedings of IDC 2019. 14 pages. To Appear. [read more]

Two Best Paper Awards at CHI'19

Jon E. Froehlich Mar 15, 2019

We are honored and excited that the Makeability Lab received two 'Best Paper Awards' at CHI'19, which are given to the top 2% of all submissions at the conference. Anchored Audio Sampling: A Seamless Method for Exploring Children’s Thoughts During Deployment Studies by Alexis Hiniker, Jon Froehlich, Mingrui Ray Zhang, Erin Beneteau Project Sidewalk: A Web-based Crowdsourcing Tool for Collecting Sidewalk Accessibility Data At Scale by Manaswi Saha, Michael Saugstad, Hanuma Teja Maddali, Aileen Zeng, Ryan Holland, Steven Bower, Aditya Dash, Sage Chen, Anthony Li, Kotaro Hara, Jon Froehlich [read more]

Aileen Zeng Awarded Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Jon E. Froehlich Mar 13, 2019

Congratulations to ugrad researcher extraordinaire, Aileen Zeng, for being awarded the Mary Gates Research Scholarship for her work on Project Sidewalk. From the website: "Mary Gates Research Scholarships are competitive scholarships intended to enhance the educational experiences of undergraduate students at the University of Washington while they are engaged in research guided by faculty. We hope that with research scholarships, students may focus more attention and time, deeping their inquiry into a discipline or project..." Congrats Aileen on this well-deserved recognition! [read more]