Froehlich Gives Invited Talk on Project Sidewalk at NSF Smart and Connected Communities PI Meeting


Our team was honored to be invited to speak at the NSF Smart and Connected Communities (SCC) PI Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. NSF SCC PIs and Co-PIs from all over the US gathered to share their work, here updates from NSF POs on future SCC plans, and even see an excellent keynote by Nashville mayor, Freddie O'Connell (a trained computer scientist!) about their "smart city" plans and addressing problems related to social inequality, population growth, and technology.

There were roughly 200 attendees, including my current and former collaborators like Professors Cynthia Chen, Tawanna Dillahunt, Vanessa Frias-Martinez and more!

We gave a presentation on our NSF grant SCC-IRG Track 1: Crowd+AI Tools to Map, Analyze, and Visualize Sidewalk Accessibility for Inclusive Cities. Specifically: how the project has grown, how we've engaged communities, and lessons learned.

Jon standing on stage at NSF SCC giving presentation