Makeability Lab goes to Ireland for ASSETS!

Dhruv Jain Oct 29, 2018

We had a strong representation at ASSETS 2018 in Galway, Ireland- we presented three posters and two full papers.

In pictures, see Dhruv Jain presenting his paper on Augmented Reality Captioning in Mobile Context, Lee Stearns presenting "Design of an Augmented Reality Magnification Aid for Low Vision Users" and Jon Froehlich with his poster "How does Urban Accessibility Change over Time"

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DUB Retreat 2018

Jon E. Froehlich Oct 20, 2018

Manaswi co-organized the PhD workshop at the DUB Retreat this year and Jon co-organized the retreat itself. Read Amy Ko's writeup about the event here with links to slides.

DUB is our grassroots, cross-campus alliance of students, faculty, and industry partners interested in HCI and Design at UW. The DUB Retreat has become an annual event aimed at bringing us together to reflect on our community, share fresh ideas, and hang out. Last year, we had over 150 attendees. This year RSVPs were at 180+. [read more]

10-Year Impact Award for UbiFit

Jon E. Froehlich Oct 02, 2018

Our UbiComp 2008 paper entitled "Flowers or a Robot Army?: Encouraging Awareness & Activity with Personal, Mobile Displays" was just honored with a 10-Year Impact Award at the UbiComp 2018 conference. Congratulations to my co-authors!

It was a tremendous privilege (and humbling experience) working at Intel Research in the mid-2000s. I benefited tremendously from the mentorship of Mike Y. Chen, Ian Smith, and particularly Sunny Consolvo and James Landay. [read more]

Introducing FabGalaxy

Liang He Oct 02, 2018

Excited to announce that FabGalaxy, a new online interactive visualization tool for searching fabrication research in HCI and Graphics, is live under Personal Fabrication Research in HCI and Graphics: An Overview of Related Work.

Thank you to the support from HCI Engineering Group, MIT CSAIL, which is led by Prof. Stefanie Mueller. [read more]

Congratulations to Drs. Mauriello and Stearns

Jon E. Froehlich Aug 01, 2018

Please join me in congratulating Drs. Matt Mauriello and Lee Stearns who successfully passed their PhD defenses today. One of the true joys of being a professor is seeing students develop into independent scholars like Matt and Lee. Matt is now off to a post-doc at Stanford and Lee will join APL at Johns Hopkins.

Thanks to the fantastic committee members as well who spanned from multiple disciplines, universities, and parts of the US! :)

Matt's dissertation is entitled " Designing and Evaluating Next-generation Thermographic Systems to Support Residential Energy Audits" and available for download here and Lee's dissertation is entitled "Handsight: A Touch-based Wearable System to Increase Information Accessibility for People With Visual Impairments" and available here. [read more]

$1.2m NSF Grant Awarded on Sound Sensing and Visualization for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Jon E. Froehlich Jul 23, 2018

Our $1.2m NSF grant on "Wearable Sound Sensing and Feedback Techniques for Persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing" was just officially awarded. This is research started by Dhruv Jain, Leah Findlater, and Jon Froehlich in the summer of 2014 when Dhruv was between ugrad and MIT. Dhruv is now a PhD student in the Allen School and a member of the Makeability Lab.

The award officially starts Aug 1, 2018 and runs through July 31, 2022. Leah Findlater is the PI along with Co-PIs Froehlich (UW), Ramani Duraiswami (UMD), and Raja Kushalnagar (Gallaudet University).

This is the third award for this work following the initial two (a Google Faculty Award and the recent UW Reality Lab funding)--both which helped provide seed funding for the NSF effort. [read more]

BodyVis in Baltimore Sun

Jon E. Froehlich Jul 18, 2018

The Baltimore Sun recently covered our BodyVis project with quotes from Professor Clegg and graduate student Virginia Byrne. Read the article here! [read more]

Two Papers and Three Posters at ASSETS’18!

Dhruv Jain Jul 13, 2018

We’re going to Galway, Ireland! The Makeability Lab has two full papers and three posters at ASSETS’18.

UMD PhD student Lee Stearns led a project entitled Design of an Augmented Reality Magnification Aid for Low Vision Users and explores augmented reality solutions for magnifying text for low-vision users. Lee also had a poster paper accepted entitled Applying Transfer Learning to Recognize Clothing Patterns Using a Finger-Mounted Camera. Both projects are in collaboration with UW HCDE professor Leah Findlater.

UW CSE PhD student Dhruv Jain led a project entitled Towards Accessible Conversations in a Mobile Context for People Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and examines real-time captioning solutions for people who are DHH and on-the-move. This work is a collaboration among UW CSE (Dhruv Jain, Jon Froehlich), UW HCDE (Rachel Franz, Leah Findlater) and Gallaudet University in DC (Raja Kushalnagar).

The Project Sidewalk team also got two posters in: A Feasibility Study of Using Google Street View and Computer Vision to Track the Evolution of Urban Accessibility , which was based on Ladan Najafizdeh's MS thesis work and Interactively Modeling and Visualizing Neighborhood Accessibility at Scale: An Initial Study of Washington DC , which was led by undergrad extraordinaire Anthony Li along with Manaswi Saha).

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Travel award for Tapia Celebration

Dhruv Jain Jun 26, 2018

Makeability lab member Dhruv Jain receives travel award from UW Paul G Allen School of Computer Science to attend Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing in September 2018.

The Tapia conference is the premier venue to acknowledge, promote and celebrate diversity in computing. Congratulations Dhruv!

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Poster at ACM DIS 2018!

Dhruv Jain Jun 09, 2018

Our CSE PhD Student Dhruv Jain presented a poster at ACM DIS 2018 in Hong Kong!

The poster is entitled Exploring Augmented Reality Approaches to Real-Time Captioning: A Preliminary Autoethnographic Study and examines Dhruv’s experiences with using real-time captioning on HoloLens in lectures and group meetings. This work is a collaboration among UW CSE (Dhruv Jain, Jon Froehlich), UW HCDE (Bonnie Chinh, Leah Findlater) and Gallaudet University (Raja Kushalnagar).

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