Project Description

sPrintr brings mobile fabrication systems into the realm of personal fabrication with consumer-grade hardware and design tools to make it easier for novices to augment their environments. This would enable people to directly transform their environment for accessibility modifications, home construction projects, or decoration. For example, imagine a mobile 3D printer capable of creating a wheelchair-accessible ramp over a door entrance or adding tactile surface indicators before a staircase. The system consists of i) a mobile 3D printer and ii) a user interface that helps users arrange, preview, and plan prints in their environment using a floor plan layout. We envision an integrated pipeline that allows for the in-situ design and fabrication of objects to adapt the environment to their individual needs.


sPrintr: Towards In-Situ Personal Fabrication using a Mobile 3D Printer

Daniel Campos Zamora, Liang He, Yueqian Zhang, Xuhai Xu, Jennifer Mankoff, Jon E. Froehlich

Extended Abstract Proceedings of SCF 2022