Recent News

Transportation Techies DC had hosted their second WalkHackNight in Crystal City. Project Sidewalk team was honored to be invited to give a talk at this event. It is the second time for Project Sidewalk to be presenting at this event.

Project Sidewalk was covered by a DC TV station, WUSA9. Check out the video coverage and the news report now! This is exciting!

We were honored to participate in the inaugural Diversity in Computing Summit. Makeability Lab and Inclusive Design Lab members presented a joint session on their accessibility research. The session, entitled "Interactive Computational Tools for Accessibility," covered work on Project Sidewalk (by Manaswi Saha), Temporal Tracking of Accessibility Features in Cities (by Ladan Najafizadeh) , Health and Fitness for the Mobility Impaired (by Meethu Malu), Accessible On-body Interaction for the Visually Impaired (by Uran Oh) and HandSight (by Lee Stearns). Talk slides are available here.

I am excited to announce that I will be spending my summer at Adobe Research in San Jose, CA. I will be working in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) in the BigData Experience Lab. Broadly, the project will look into mobility, how it relates to IoT and how can IoT be used to create seamless consumer experiences. Looking forward to an exciting summer playing with IoT gadgets in sunny California! Fun!

I have been awarded ACM-W Scholarship for attending ACM CHI 2016 in May! It’s a brilliant scholarship for women in CS when they are starting out in their research career. It gives an excellent platform for young women researchers to attend the conference, network with top researchers even if they don’t have a paper. Finally, the icing on the cake is that we get a mentor for the conference who is a rockstar in our field of interest. My mentor for the conference will be Prof. Yvonne Rogers (UCL)! So excited! :D


Interactively Modeling and Visualizing Neighborhood Accessibility at Scale: An Initial Study of Washington DC

Anthony Li  Manaswi Saha  Anupam Gupta  Jon E. Froehlich 

Proceedings of ASSETS 2018

A Pilot Deployment of an Online Tool for Large-Scale Virtual Auditing of Urban Accessibility

Manaswi Saha  Kotaro Hara  Soheil Behnezhad  Anthony Li  Mikey Saugstad  Teja Maddali  Sage Chen  Jon E. Froehlich 

Proceedings of ASSETS 2017

Exploring Novice Approaches to Smartphone-based Thermographic Energy Auditing: A Field Study

Erica Brown  Jon E. Froehlich  Matthew L Mauriello  Manaswi Saha 

Proceedings of CHI2017

The Future Role of Thermography in Human-Building Interaction

Matthew L Mauriello  Matthew Dahlhausen  Erica Brown  Manaswi Saha  Jon E. Froehlich 

CHI 2016 Workshop: Future of Human-Building Interaction


Project Sidewalk: Assessing Urban Accessibility using Crowdsourcing and Google Street View

Manaswi Saha

May 25, 2017 College Park, Maryland

Project Sidewalk: Characterizing Physical World Accessibility At Scale

Manaswi Saha

Feb. 8, 2017 Arlington, Virginia

Interactive Computational Tools for Accessibility

Meethu Malu Ladan Najafizadeh Uran Oh Manaswi Saha Lee Stearns

Nov. 7, 2016 College Park, Maryland

Tech+Design: Interaction Design for a Purpose

Soheil Behnezhad Liang He Majeed Kazemitabaar Manaswi Saha

Nov. 3, 2016 University of Maryland, College Park