Angela Carey Lin

Angela Carey Lin

High School Student, Computer Science
Seattle Prep
Angela was a High School Student in the Makeability Lab from May 2018 to Aug 2018 and contributed to 1 project and 2 publications.
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2018 – 2022


Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Individuals’ Preferences for Wearable and Mobile Sound Awareness Technologies

Leah Findlater, Bonnie Chinh, Dhruv Jain, Jon E. Froehlich, Raja Kushalnagar, Angela Carey Lin

Proceedings of CHI 2019 | Acceptance Rate: 23.8% (705 / 2960)

Exploring Sound Awareness in the Home for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Dhruv Jain, Angela Carey Lin, Marcus Amalachandran, Aileen Zeng, Jon E. Froehlich

Proceedings of CHI 2019 | Acceptance Rate: 23.7% (701 / 2960)