AR Captioning

2016 – Present


“Easier or Harder, Depending on Who the Hearing Person Is”: Codesigning Videoconferencing Tools for Small Groups with Mixed Hearing Status

Emma McDonnell, Soo Hyun Moon, Lucy Jiang, Steven Goodman, Raja Kushalnagar, Jon E. Froehlich, Leah Findlater

Proceedings of CHI 2023 To Appear

Social, Environmental, and Technical: Factors at Play in the Current Use and Future Design of Small-Group Captioning

Emma McDonnell, Ping Liu, Steven Goodman, Raja Kushalnagar, Jon E. Froehlich, Leah Findlater

CSCW Proceedings of PACM HCI | Honorable Mention

Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Individuals’ Preferences for Wearable and Mobile Sound Awareness Technologies

Leah Findlater, Bonnie Chinh, Dhruv Jain, Jon E. Froehlich, Raja Kushalnagar, Angela Carey Lin

Proceedings of CHI 2019 | Acceptance Rate: 23.8% (705 / 2960)

Towards Accessible Conversations in a Mobile Context for People who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Dhruv Jain, Rachel Franz, Leah Findlater, Jackson Cannon, Raja Kushalnagar, Jon E. Froehlich

Proceedings of ASSETS 2018 | Acceptance Rate: 25.9% (28 / 108)

Exploring Augmented Reality Approaches to Real-Time Captioning: A Preliminary Autoethnographic Study

Dhruv Jain, Bonnie Chinh, Raja Kushalnagar, Leah Findlater, Jon E. Froehlich

Extended Abstract Proceedings of DIS2018