Allison Marie Hishikawa

Allison Marie Hishikawa

Allison has contributed to 2 publications.
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Pedagogical Strategies for Reflection in Project-based HCI Education with End Users

Wendy Roldan, Ziyue Li, Xin Gao, Sarah Kay Strickler, Allison Marie Hishikawa, Jon E. Froehlich, Jason Yip

Proceedings of DIS 2021 | Acceptance Rate: 26.8% (153 / 571) | Honorable Mention

Opportunities and Challenges in Involving Users in Project-Based HCI Education

Wendy Roldan, Xin Gao, Allison Marie Hishikawa, Tiffany Ku, Ziyue Li, Echo Zhang, Jon E. Froehlich, Jason Yip

Proceedings of CHI 2020 | Acceptance Rate: 24.3% (760 / 3126) | Honorable Mention