Project Description

Over the past decade, technologies that mediate and support human-to-human interactions (e.g., social networks) have become integral tools for a range of lightweight social interactions. With a single click to ‘favorite’ or ‘like’, social media users can demonstrate their interest in a specific person, event, or piece of content. In our research, we are exploring the translation of these lightweight social interactions into the physical world as design provocations. In this paper, we introduce one example called “I Like This Shirt”, a tangible manifestation of the ubiquitous Like button embedded in an interactive t-shirt. The shirt responds to physical touches, which indicate “likes” and tracks and visualizes the “like count” in real-time on the shirt itself.


"I Like This Shirt": Exploring the Translation of Social Mechanisms in the Virtual World into Physical Experiences

Jon E. Froehlich, Seokbin Kang, Ladan Najafizadeh

CHI '15 Extended Abstracts


A Rapid Tour of My Explorations in E-Textiles

Oct. 9, 2018 | HCDE539: Physical Computing and Prototyping Guest Lecture

University of Washington, Seattle