An image of Manaswi, Jon, Aileen, and Liang in their graduation gowns and making silly faces

Congratulations 3 PhD Graduates: Manaswi, Liang, and Dhruv!

Jon E. Froehlich
Published Jun 10, 2022

What a wonderful evening of celebration and ceremony! Tonight, I was honored to hood two of our three Makeability Lab PhD graduates (the third, Dhruv Jain, is still in India due to COVID). It was also fun to see some Makeability Lab undergrad researchers like Aileen Zeng and Hank Tadeusiak!

Congratulations all!

Manaswi, Jon, Aileen, and Liang standing in their graduation gowns with silly expressions

Manaswi, Jon, and Liang standing with their graduation gowns in front of the "Go Huskies! sign

Jon and Liang standing together with a "Go Huskies" sign in the background

Jon hooding Manaswi at the graduation ceremony