A picture of the Makeability Lab eating at Ray's Boathouse with water in the background

Congratulatory Dinner at Ray's Boathouse

Jon E. Froehlich
Published Jun 12, 2022

In tribute of our three PhD graduates from the Makeability Lab this year, we went to Ray's Boathouse to celebrate.

Congratulations to soon-to-be-Drs. Manaswi Saha, Dhruv Jain, and Liang He. It was my distinct honor to serve as your advisor!

Thank you to Makeability Lab students Xia Su and Jesse Martinez for joining in the celebrations. (Dhruv could not make it as he's been in India for roughly the past year due to COVID and other considerations—but we certainly celebrated in his name as well!).

A selfie picture with Jon, Jesse, Manaswi, Liang, and Xia standing in front of the Puget Sound

A picture of Liang, Jon, and Manaswi standing on a pier in front of the Puget Sound by Ray's Boathouse