2020 – Present


2018 – Present


Scaling Crowd+AI Sidewalk Accessibility Assessments: Initial Experiments Examining Label Quality and Cross-city Training on Performance

Michael Duan, Sho Kiami, Logan Milandin, Johnson Kuang, Mikey Saugstad, Maryam Hosseini, Jon E. Froehlich

Poster Proceedings of ASSETS'22 | Acceptance Rate: 58.9% (43 / 73)

HoloSound: Combining Speech and Sound Identification for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Users on a Head-mounted Display

Greg Guo, Robin Yiru Yang, Johnson Kuang, Xue Bin, Dhruv Jain, Steven Goodman, Leah Findlater, Jon E. Froehlich

Poster Proceedings of ASSETS 2020