Project Description

What do sidewalk accessibility problems look like? How might these problems differ across cities? In this poster paper, we introduce Sidewalk Gallery, an interactive, filterable gallery of over 500,000 crowdsourced sidewalk accessibility images (and growing!) across seven cities in two countries (US and Mexico). Gallery allows users to explore and interactively filter sidewalk images based on five primary accessibility problem types, 35 tag categories, and a 5-point severity scale. When browsing images, users can also provide feedback about data correctness. We envision Gallery as a tool for teaching in urban design and accessibility and as a visualization aid for disability advocacy.


Sidewalk Gallery: An Interactive, Filterable Image Gallery of Over 500,000 Sidewalk Accessibility Problems

Michael Duan, Aroosh Kumar, Mikey Saugstad, Aileen Zeng, Ilia Savin, Jon E. Froehlich

Extended Abstract Proceedings of ASSETS 2021 | Acceptance Rate: 61.8% (55 / 89) | Best Artifact Runner-up Award