Project Description

We introduce the “Accessible Area Mapper,” a novel system designed to map accessible pathways using airborne point clouds. By harnessing the 3D terrain information from these point clouds, our system delineates physically navigable areas that are customized to suit individual mobility requirements. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of pathways suitable for active mobility methods, like walking and bicycling. In addition, it can also identify accessible routes for individuals with disabilities, thereby promoting sustainable urban mobility as a whole. While it’s currently in early stages, our work marks a transformative step towards reshaping 3D urban pathway mapping, making strides towards a more sustainable and inclusive transport ecosystem. We demonstrate our system’s preliminary capabilities and discuss its potential.


Accessible Area Mapper for Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Mobility: A Preliminary Investigation of Airborne Point Clouds for Pathway Analysis

Hunsoo Song, Joshua Carpenter, Jon E. Froehlich, Jinha Jung

Workshop Proceedings of SuMob 2023