Project Description

We examine the potential of using large-scale open crowdsourced sidewalk data from Project Sidewalk to study the distribution and condition of sidewalks in Seattle, WA. While potentially noisier than professionally gathered sidewalk datasets, crowdsourced data enables large, cross-regional studies that would be otherwise expensive and difficult to manage. As an initial case study, we examine spatial patterns of sidewalk quality in Seattle and their relationship to racial diversity, income level, built density, and transit modes. We close with a reflection on our approach, key limitations, and opportunities for future work.


At the Intersection of Disability Justice, Pedestrian Safety, and Health

Yochai Eisenberg, Judy L. Shanley, Anna Zivarts, Brent Chamberlain, Keith Christensen, Minoo Abrishami, Jon E. Froehlich

Extended Abstract TRB 2024

A Pilot Study of Sidewalk Equity in Seattle Using Crowdsourced Sidewalk Assessment Data

Chu Li, Lisa Orii, Mikey Saugstad, Stephen J. Mooney, Yochai Eisenberg, Delphine Labbé, Joy Hammel, Jon E. Froehlich

UrbanAccess 2022