Project Description

Augmented reality (AR) systems that enhance visual capabilities could make text and other fine details more accessible for low vision users, improving independence and quality of life. Prior work has begun to investigate the potential of assistive AR, but recent advancements have enabled new AR visualizations and interactions not yet explored in the context of assistive technology. In our research, we follow an iterative co-design process with feedback and suggestions from visually impaired participants, designing and testing AR magnification ideas using the Microsoft HoloLens. Participants identified several advantages to the concept of head-worn magnification (e.g., portability, privacy, ready availability), and to our AR designs in particular (e.g., a more natural reading experience and the ability to multitask).


Design of an Augmented Reality Magnification Aid for Low Vision Users

Lee Stearns, Leah Findlater, Jon E. Froehlich

Proceedings of ASSETS 2018