Two Papers and Three Posters at ASSETS’18!

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We’re going to Galway, Ireland! The Makeability Lab has two full papers and three posters at ASSETS’18.

UMD PhD student Lee Stearns led a project entitled Design of an Augmented Reality Magnification Aid for Low Vision Users and explores augmented reality solutions for magnifying text for low-vision users. Lee also had a poster paper accepted entitled Applying Transfer Learning to Recognize Clothing Patterns Using a Finger-Mounted Camera. Both projects are in collaboration with UW HCDE professor Leah Findlater.

UW CSE PhD student Dhruv Jain led a project entitled Towards Accessible Conversations in a Mobile Context for People Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and examines real-time captioning solutions for people who are DHH and on-the-move. This work is a collaboration among UW CSE (Dhruv Jain, Jon Froehlich), UW HCDE (Rachel Franz, Leah Findlater) and Gallaudet University in DC (Raja Kushalnagar).

The Project Sidewalk team also got two posters in: A Feasibility Study of Using Google Street View and Computer Vision to Track the Evolution of Urban Accessibility , which was based on Ladan Najafizdeh's MS thesis work and Interactively Modeling and Visualizing Neighborhood Accessibility at Scale: An Initial Study of Washington DC , which was led by undergrad extraordinaire Anthony Li along with Manaswi Saha).