Congratulations to Drs. Mauriello and Stearns

Picture of newly minted Drs. Matt Mauriello and Lee Stearns with their advisor Jon Froehlich

Please join me in congratulating Drs. Matt Mauriello and Lee Stearns who successfully passed their PhD defenses today. One of the true joys of being a professor is seeing students develop into independent scholars like Matt and Lee. Matt is now off to a post-doc at Stanford and Lee will join APL at Johns Hopkins.

Thanks to the fantastic committee members as well who spanned from multiple disciplines, universities, and parts of the US! :)

Matt's dissertation is entitled " Designing and Evaluating Next-generation Thermographic Systems to Support Residential Energy Audits" and available for download here and Lee's dissertation is entitled "Handsight: A Touch-based Wearable System to Increase Information Accessibility for People With Visual Impairments" and available here.