Deform Lab extends the Makeability Lab

A picture of Liang and Jon wearing their new Deform Lab extends Makeability Lab t-shirts

Newly minted Dr. Liang He who starts his tenure-track professorship at Purdue in August (see News post) designed an incredibly thoughtful and creative "thank you" gift to honor his time in the Makeability Lab.

The t-shirt specifies code in pseudocode similar to C++—a language that Liang and I often taught together with Arduino in our Physical Computing and prototyping courses—that says:

class DeformLab : MakeabilityLab{

 void Run(){

      Console.Write("Print Future");



The code above is play on C++ inheritance model that essentially says that Professor Liang He's new Deform Lab extends the Makeability Lab. A very thoughtful, meaningful gesture!

A picture of Liang and Jon standing together in our new t-shirts