Dhruv Jain Passes General Exam

DJ holding an Android watch running SoundWatch that shows Speech has been recognized (at 64 dB). The alert can be snoozed for 10 minutes

It's my pleasure to announce that Dhruv Jain passed his General Exam entitled Sound Sensing & Feedback Techniques for d/Deaf & Hard of Hearing Users: A Dissertation Proposal. His dissertation work was thoughtfully presented, well rehearsed, and even included two live demos (of HomeSound and of SoundWatch). Congrats DJ!

Thanks also to the wonderful committee, including co-chair Professor Findlater and fellow committee members Professors Mankoff, Ladner, Wobbrock, and Bigham—literally an all-star cast of HCI+accessibility experts.

You can download the slides here or watch the whole thing on YouTube!

A few screenshots of the talk (all but the presenter + interpreters had video off):

An image showing the introductory screen to the HomeSound demo

Image shows DJ holding an Android watch running the SoundWatch app, which has inferred that speech is inferring around him and shows this on the display