CSCW2020 Paper on "Urban Accessibility as a Socio-Political Problem" Accepted!

A picture of a sidewalk and street scene showing six different zones related to sidewalks (and non-motorized traffic)

CSCW2020 June submission results were just released (link), and we were incredibly excited to find out that our paper entitled "Urban Accessibility as a Socio-Political Problem: A Multi-Stakeholder Analysis" was accepted with minor revisions. Of the 593 submissions, only 47 were chosen for 'Minor Revision' (7.9%) and 273 for 'Major Revisions' (46.0%). 

Through semi-structured interviews with five stakeholder groups, we examine the socio-political challenges surrounding accessible infrastructure development. The paper has some important findings around policy making, gentrification, and urban development tensions related to accessibility and extends and complements our broader research in this area (e.g., Project Sidewalk).

Congrats to lead PhD student Manaswi Saha and the rest of the team!