Project Tokyo: Using AI to Help Blind People Identify Faces

Project Tokyo uses an adapted HoloLens and real-time computer vision to recognize people's faces. This image shows a blind person wearing the HoloLens (augmented reality head-mounted display) and looking at a nearby person's face.

While a PhD student in the Makeability Lab, Lee Stearns interned at Microsoft Research, Cambridge in the UK and worked on an early version of Project Tokyo, which was just announced publicly. According to Microsoft, "Project Tokyo aims to understand how to create a visual agent technology that is useful and usable in the real world by focusing on how AI technology can help to augment people’s own capabilities." Read the full news article here. Congrats Lee!

Lee graduated with his PhD from the University of Maryland, College Park in Dec 2018 (news link) and is now at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

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