Project Description

Many traditional HCI methods, such as surveys and interviews, are of limited value when working with preschoolers. In this project, we present anchored audio sampling (AAS), a remote data collection technique for extracting qualitative audio samples during field deployments with young children. AAS offers a developmentally sensitive way of understanding how children make sense of technology and situates their use in the larger context of daily life. AAS is defined by an anchor event, around which audio is collected. A sliding window surrounding this anchor captures both antecedent and ensuing recording, providing the researcher insight into the activities that led up to the event of interest as well as those that followed. We present themes from three deployments that leverage this technique, highlighting its usefulness in contextualizing children’s experiences as well as its limitations. Based on our experiences using AAS, we have also developed a reusable open source library for embedding AAS into any Android application.


Anchored Audio Sampling: A Seamless Method for Exploring Children's Thoughts During Deployment Studies

Alexis Hiniker, Jon E. Froehlich, Mingrui Zhang, Erin Beneteau

Proceedings of CHI 2019 | Acceptance Rate: 23.8% (705 / 2960) | Best Paper Award