Goodbye Minchu Dinner!

A picture of Makeability Lab PhD students standing from left-to-right: Xia, Arnavi, Minchu, Daniel, Chu, and Jae

Daniel Campos Zamora hosted a Makeability Lab potluck at his home to celebrate the end of the year and Minchu's time in the lab.

Minchu is a 2023 graduate of the MHCI+D program and has been working in our group since then as a Human+AI research scientist on BusStopCV and Project Sidewalk. He's now off to pursue his dreams in Silicon Valley!

Minchu, we wish you the absolute best in CA, and we are grateful for all of your contributions to the lab!

The Makeability Lab having dinner together with Jae, Xia, Minchu, Chu, Daniel, and Arnavi