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Liang He Receives Bob Bandes Memorial Honorable Mention Teaching Award

Jon E. Froehlich
Published Jun 14, 2021

Congratulations to Liang He for receiving the Bob Bandes Memorial Teaching Award (Honorable Mention). The award page provides excerpts from my nomination letter (repeated below):

I strongly recommend Liang He for the Bob Bandes Memorial Teaching Award. He has TA'd for me twice during the pandemic — both for studio-based courses that traditionally require specialized hardware and equipment. These are not typical CSE courses and are extraordinarily difficult to teach and TA for. Liang has worked tirelessly to adapt our physically-oriented lectures and coursework to online. He helped solder, prepare, and package over 50 hardware kits and worked with CSE staff to deliver them to students. This is a HUGE atypical effort for a CSE TA, especially given the short turnaround time of the quarters. Liang maintains a spirit of positivity and creative encouragement for the students and graciously shares his expertise and time.