Kotaro, Jon, and Ladan

Congrats Dr. Kotaro Hara and Ladan Najafizadeh, MS

Jon E. Froehlich
Published Dec 21, 2016
Project Sidewalk

Congratulations to Dr. Kotaro Hara and Ladan Najafizadeh for graduating with their PhD and MS degrees respectively. It was a tremendous honor to hood Kotaro as my first student and a pleasure to watch Ladan walk across the commencement stage knowing how hard she worked for her MS thesis. Here's a video of Dr. Kotaro Hara being hooded (direct link): https://youtu.be/FoCuAtR6V-A?t=1h1m3s And Ladan walking across the stage receiving her MS degree: https://youtu.be/FoCuAtR6V-A?t=1h5m24s