Allen School Drumheller Half Marathon

A selfie at the beginning of the race

The Makeability Lab took part in the Drumheller Half Marathon—a wonderful new(ish) tradition hosted by the Allen School's own Race Condition Running Club. CSE ugrads, grads, postdocs, faculty, and staff participated. It was so much fun!

The course begins with a short segment down the upper vista, followed by 110 laps around Drumheller Fountain. Runners will enter first loop from the east of the finish line and begin by running counterclockwise. The direction will flip every 20 minutes, and runners must change directions only by rounding the marker placed at the north end of the finish line.

Here's a few pictures and my GPS log from the run.

A picture of the group before the run

A picture of the group running around the fountain

A screenshot of the GPS log showing many tracks around the fountain