A colorful mural of George Floyd who was unjustly killed by police in Minneapolis. His face is in the middle with the words George Floyd in large, orange block lettering. the text "Say our names" and "I can breathe now" is written above and below George's head with the names of fellow Black people who have been killed by police written behind him.

The Makeability Lab Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Jon E. Froehlich
Published Jun 02, 2020

We are experiencing a historic moment: a worldwide pandemic, record-breaking unemployment rates, glaringly anti-education and anti-immigration rhetoric and policies from the White House (link), and now, protests and rightful anger about the unjust death of George Floyd and the systemic racism that plagues the US.

The Makeability Lab stands with the Black and African-American communities. We must all work together to combat the hate and racism and the social and economic injustices in our society. We must hold each other accountable—from our friends to our family members to our institutions. We must do more.

As an educator, as a father, and as a human, I am morally obligated and emotionally bound to proactively fight for a better future and help positively shape society.

I will use my privilege to fight.